E-Safety for Parents

eSafetyParentsDo you...

  • Worry about what your children are doing online?
  • Know how to stay safe online?
  • Know how to keep your children safe online?
  • Have e-safety questions that you would like answering?
  • Need help to make sure that you stay safe online?

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Safer Internet Day 2015

Safe Internet Day
Safer Internet Day 2015 takes place on 10 February. The theme this year is "Let's create a better internet together".

Safer Internet Day in the UK is organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre; made up of Childnet International, the Internet Watch Foundation and the South West Grid for Learning. The UK Safer Internet Centre works domestically and internationally to help make the internet a safer place for children and young people and to help them use interactive technologies responsibly. They also provide information and practical advice for parents/carers and professionals who work with children.


e-Safety Adviser Newsletters

e-Safety adviser is a support website for Schools and Parents. They provide important information and updates regarding safety on-line. 

Newsletters for Schools Newsletters for Parents 

Specifically aimed at schools (teachers and support staff) and other professionals to offer the latest news, guidelines, opinion and resources in the world of online safety in short bitesizes with links to further reading and resources.
Recommended by Ofsted to keep parents up to date with an informed newsletter. You can host this on your website, Tweet or put it on Facebook – whatever you want to do, just keep it in its original form.




Maths Passports

globeA selected number of children at The Meads Primary School have been chosen to participate in The Meads Numeracy Passport Challenge. They have the opportunity to steadily increase their Mental Maths ability through a range of objectives assigned to each passport, which get progressively harder. The passports begin at Europe and end at Globetrotters. Children are asked to practise objectives at home for a short period every day with parents, sibling, carers or other family members. They are then tested in school and the targets are signed off accordingly. Once each objective in the passport has been achieved three times, and marked off by an adult in school they can then move on to the next passport.

You can take part in this challenge. Follow this link:

Numeracy Passports


Oxford Owl - Help your child's learning

We know it's not always easy to engage parents in their child's learning, or to ensure they are fully supporting the work teachers do in the classroom. That's why Oxford University Press has built Oxford Owl, a free website we can recommend to parents.

  • 250 free eBooks - to bring children's favourite stories to life.
  • Phonics guide for parents (including how to say the sounds correctly)
  • Reading support up to age 11.
  • Maths support and activities. 

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English Phonics Programme

English Phonics Programme @ THRASS

The EP Chart Programme ("Ee-Pee Chart Programme") is for learners of all ages and abilities, including young children and those learning English as an additional language.
The programme teaches learners to blend the right sounds when they read and to visualise and name the right letters when they spell. It can be used for individuals, groups, classes, year groups or schools. We recommend that you teach young children for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon. You can teach older learners for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour, depending on their age and ability, especially if they need to acquire the skills as soon as possible.

Follow this link: http://www.thrass.co.uk




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Our Values

August 2019

This month's value is Happiness. Happiness is not out there, it's in you.

Beds Police

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eSafety adviser

Online Safety Update 20th May 2019

Image sharing resources for teens and parents: CEOP have issued some new guidance for teenagers regarding sharing nudes. I think this would be good for parents as well; the advice given to students in school should be replicated with advice at...

WhatsApp Attacked with Spyware – Update your App

With over 1.5 billion users, any hack on WhatsApp is a concerning one, particularly when WhatsApp (and Facebook who own WhatsApp) shout from the rooftops about privacy and security. It has been announced today (14th May 2019) that WhatsApp are...

Online Safety Update 13th May 2019

Teens trying to use ‘ancient’ phone Let’s start the week off with a smile. The link below is to a YouTube video (2 minutes) of 2 American teenagers trying to use an old analogue phone. I have no idea whether it’s a setup or real, but it certainly...

Online Safety – Distorted Selfies

I love my photography; I have been taking photographs since the mid 90’s. Like so many others, I started when our first son was born as I wanted to document our family, particularly our children growing up, and at one time I even developed my own...

Online Safety Update 6th May 2019

Children and Social Media (privacy settings) Last week I was at a wonderful school speaking to Y3 and 4 children. As part of the talk with the children, the subject of social media and privacy settings came up. One Y3 child stated that she wasn’t...




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