New National Curriculum

In September 2014, The Meads Primary School implemented the New National Curriculum.
This new approach allows teachers to be more creative with their lessons across all subjects. This distinct and dynamic curriculum enables our children to become confident and thoughtful learners while being responsible citizens of their community and society.

You can find out more about the New National Curriculum here.

We have themed our half terms so as to enthuse pupils interests and provide an opportunity for them to completely immerse themselves within their learning. If you have any prior knowledge or expertise in any of the topics outlined please contact your child's class teacher as we would be very happy to incorporate your ideas.


 For further information about the curriculum taught at The Meads please click on this link.


For your information, the National Curriculum files are available below:

We use the 'THRASS' Phonics scheme throughout school and also use 'Letters and Sounds' in Early Years. We use the 'Oxford Reading Tree' reading scheme. We use 'Maths-No Problem' to support the teaching of the bar modelling method in mathematics. We will also be using the 'Talk For Writing' approach as developed by Pie Corbett within the 'Primary Writing Project' initiative for writing from  Autumn 2017 onwards. More information can be found if you click the links on the right-hand side of our website.


Our Mission Statement


At The Meads we are proud to celebrate each child as an individual with unique needs, aspirations and beliefs. We aim to give each child the opportunity to flourish and develop through a nurturing, creative and engaging learning journey, enabling them to take responsibility for their own learning. Our values programme promotes diversity and unites children, parents, staff, governors and the wider community in our shared vision to help our children to become emotionally intelligent, resilient and socially responsible individuals who set and achieve the highest standards for themselves.

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August 2019

This month's value is Happiness. Happiness is not out there, it's in you.

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eSafety adviser

Online Safety Update 20th May 2019

Image sharing resources for teens and parents: CEOP have issued some new guidance for teenagers regarding sharing nudes. I think this would be good for parents as well; the advice given to students in school should be replicated with advice at...

WhatsApp Attacked with Spyware – Update your App

With over 1.5 billion users, any hack on WhatsApp is a concerning one, particularly when WhatsApp (and Facebook who own WhatsApp) shout from the rooftops about privacy and security. It has been announced today (14th May 2019) that WhatsApp are...

Online Safety Update 13th May 2019

Teens trying to use ‘ancient’ phone Let’s start the week off with a smile. The link below is to a YouTube video (2 minutes) of 2 American teenagers trying to use an old analogue phone. I have no idea whether it’s a setup or real, but it certainly...

Online Safety – Distorted Selfies

I love my photography; I have been taking photographs since the mid 90’s. Like so many others, I started when our first son was born as I wanted to document our family, particularly our children growing up, and at one time I even developed my own...

Online Safety Update 6th May 2019

Children and Social Media (privacy settings) Last week I was at a wonderful school speaking to Y3 and 4 children. As part of the talk with the children, the subject of social media and privacy settings came up. One Y3 child stated that she wasn’t...




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ValuesEducationThe Meads have been awarded the Quality Mark as a Values-based School, supporting the personal, social and spiritual development of every pupil throughout the school.

If you require paper copies of any information on this website, they are available upon request.