Early Years

Early Years Classes and Teachers:
Mrs S. Purkiss & Mrs C Hurley (Ducklings) Mrs A. Moran (Goslings)  Mrs. K. Titmas (Cygnets)
 Miss J. Lake (EYA) Mrs S. Draper (EYE)

             Mrs C. Bates (EYA)


Curriculum files:


And some examples of our work...

Chinese New Year in Early Years

On 5th February it was the beginning of this year’s New Year celebration for the Year of the Pig.

We have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have found out information from books and a DVD about how people celebrate this event.

In our PE lessons we have created a Dragon Dance like the ones that we have seen in videos. Here is our Dragon Dance! We made our own dragon costumes and practised moving in our classes as a long dragon. We hope you enjoy our dance.

We also did some cooking, click read more to see what we did!

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Outstanding Outdoor Learning

Our children in the Early Years have loved playing and exploring in our entire outdoor area following visits from Charlie and Lottie the Confused Farmers.  The children loved having such an amazing space full of  an array of activities, equipment and opportunities to actively learn and think creatively.

Bollywood Dancing!

On 30th October the Early Years classes had a visit from Keesha as our Super Starter.  This half term our topic is ‘Me, My Family, My Community’ and this week we are beginning by looking at festivals and celebrations.  Keesha came to teach us some Bollywood Dancing.  Dance is one way that people celebrate at special times. Look at me dancing!

Children in Need 2016

The Early Years pupils and staff joined the whole school in supporting Children In Need 2016.  They wore spots or Pudsey themed clothing for the day and enjoyed taking part in activities such as making spotty masks and colouring Pudsey Bears by number. 



 We have been learning about the Chinese New Year, the children have explored moving in different ways and negotiating space as Chinese Dragons, weaving and winding in amongst each other. 

Read more: Dragon

Seed Experiment

The children in the Early Years are carrying out an experiment linked to this term’s topic of Growth.

First we found out what a seed needs to grow into a healthy plant – water, light, warmth and nutrients – and sowed bean seeds which we intend to plant in our new vegetable area outside.

Our experiment involves looking at whether seeds will germinate without all these factors. Each class has sown five sunflower seeds but provided different conditions for each. One pot is not going to be watered, one has been put in the fridge, one is being kept in the dark, the fourth pot has no soil only paper towels and the final pot has water, light, warmth and nutrients.

During the next few weeks we will be looking at whether the lack of one factor has an impact on the seeds germination.

Come and find out how our experiment is going!

Bug Hotel

The staff and children in the Early Years have great plans to develop our outside area!

We have begun by focusing on the grassed areas either side of the garage. There are now four vegetable boxes where we will be planting our bean plants this week. They will shortly be joined by onions, radishes and beetroot which are currently growing in the classrooms.  

Today Mrs Titmas, Mrs Purkiss and some very enthusiastic and helpful children made our ‘Bug Hotel’ in the far corner behind the vegetable boxes. First we stacked several wood pallets on top of each other. Then we filled in the spaces with a range of materials, including roof tiles, plastic bottles full of straws or cardboard, pots with fircones, straw and pieces of bark and rotting wood. The children foraged for natural materials such as leaves, twigs and stones. They even found some old bricks behind the garage which were added to the ‘Hotel’.   The children also went hunting for mini-beasts to place in our ‘Bug Hotel’ and were thrilled to find snails (lots!), woodlice and slugs.   

Mr Nutt and Mr Andrews have started to make our ‘Mud Kitchen’ where such delicacies as ‘Mud Pizzas’ and ‘Earthy Pudding’ will be rustled up in the near future!  They have also begun to make a stage for our budding singers and dancers. The children are very keen performers!

Come along and see how our outside area is developing!

If you have any suggestions or materials you feel we would benefit from, please contact a member of the Early Years Team.  They will be very welcome.

Visit from the Big Bad Wolf

Following looking at the story of The Three Little Pigs the Big Bad Wolf came to visit the Early Years.  The wolf explained his actions to the children who were able to question him about these. 

A few days later the wolf ran through the unit following a letter from the police stating that he had escaped from jail.  The children went on an investigative hunt to locate his whereabouts by following clues and answering questions about the story.  The children also created Wanted posters to inform the rest of the school of his description so that they could help the police.

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RED Challenge launched in Early Years

At our lovely Booktime Assembly a RED Challenge (Read Every Day) was introduced to the Early Years children and their parents who were in attendance.  The class teachers will be looking to see who has successfully read five times during the previous week and awarding them with a sticker in their reading record.  When a child reaches 6 stickers they will get a prize.  This could be completed in 6 weeks or over a term or the year whichever is soonest.  How many prizes will you get?!

The RED leaflets can be downloaded using the links below.

The RED Challenge

Meads Parents guide to Home Reading RED

Ark Farm 2016

On the 24th February Ark Farm came to visit the Early Years.  They brought a selection of farm animals including a donkey, lambs, goats, piglets, ducks, hens, geese and a dog.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and got to touch the animals and find out more about them.  They also wrote some fantastic descriptions and painted some lovely pictures following the visit.  The children also helped to create the farm role play area by collaging large farm animals.

Fantasy WOW Day 2016

On the 10th February the Early Years spent a day dressed as a fantasy character.  The children role played as their characters and wrote some brilliant descriptions of what they were wearing.  This work can now be seen in pride of place on the corridor display board.  We also created some marvellous large scale characters from the books that we had been looking at including Baby Bear from Whatever Next!, the witch from Room On The Broom and the dragon from The Kiss That Missed.

Read more: Fantasy WOW Day 2016


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