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Photos & Filming

Guidelines for parents who wish to photograph or film their child's participation at school events

'Please use your camera or phone in keeping with our school values of respect, courtesy and responsibility'

We understand that as parents you like to film /photograph your children.  In the vast majority of cases, photography and filming of events such as sports days, nativities and school plays are a source of innocent pleasure and pride for families, that can enhance self-esteem for children and provide a lasting reminder of their participation and success.  However, we have a duty of care to safeguard your children. By following some simple guidelines, the school and parents can work together to ensure that children are protected, school safeguarding policies are adhered to and the law is complied with. 

  • Remember that parents/carers and others, attend school events at the invitation of the Head Teacher and Governing Body. 
  • The Headteacher and Governing Body have the responsibility to decide if photography and videoing of school performances is permitted.  In cases where photography and filming are deemed inappropriate this is likely to be due to a safeguarding consideration, for example, children who are looked after by the Local Authority being present. 
  • The Headteacher and Governing Body have the responsibility to decide the conditions that will apply so that children are kept safe and that the performance is not disrupted and children and staff are not distracted. 
  • Parents and carers can use photographs and videos taken at a school event for their private, personal use only. Where children other than their own are present within the photograph/recording such photos or videos must not be sold and must not be put on to social media or the internet. To do so would break Data Protection legislation.  Recording/photographing other than for your own private use would require the consent of all the other parents whose children may be included in the images.  In addition to this consideration, the school strongly urges parents and carers to consider the safeguarding implications of posting images of their own children on social media or the internet. 
  • Parents and carers must follow guidance from staff as to when photography and videoing is permitted and where to stand in order to minimise disruption to the event. 
  • Parents and carers must not photograph or video children changing for performances or events. 
  • Remember that for images taken on mobiles phones the same rules apply as for other photography. You should recognise that any pictures taken are for personal use only. 
  • For children and young people's safety school staff will challenge anyone who are unknown to the school at an event and who is taking photographs or videos. 

    Wherever possible, the school will endeavour to film performances using school equipment and provide parents with a DVD of the event to purchase and keep. 

    There may be incidents where children inadvertently take inappropriate photographs (incl. cameras on mobile phones) school staff will always endeavour to discourage this practise. Ultimately parents are responsible for monitoring their child/young person's use of cameras and subsequent use of the images involved. 

    These guidelines are in place to protect your children and those of other parents and carers for whom the school is responsible.  If parents or carers choose to disregard them during an event they may be asked to leave the premises.  Should it come to the attention of the school that images of children have been posted online against the advice in these guidelines, the terms of these guidelines may need to be reviewed.