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Our Vision

The Meads - A school where all want to be, full of joy, that meets everyone's needs

Imagine a school….

Imagine a school where everyone’s kind;
A place where respect and acceptance you’ll find.
Where teachers work hard, go beyond and above,
Where children receive unconditional love.

Imagine a school where everyone’s valued,
And encouraged to choose a more positive attitude.
A school where everyone’s welcome is warm
Where responsibility and resilience are taught as the norm.

Imagine a school with a growth mindset,
Where every, ‘I can’t’ is met with a, ‘yet’.
A school where every standard is high
And where everybody believes that each one can fly.

Imagine a school where everyone reads
And where maths is no problem, for each one succeeds.
Where geography, history, computing and science
Are all taught with gusto and the constant appliance
Of values; where the learning of knowledge and skills
Is a source of excitement and wonder and thrills.

Imagine a school where dancing’s a must,
Where laughing and joking are things that are just
Part of what’s done, a feature for all
And fun within lessons means that all have a ball.

Imagine a school where everyone sings,
And from every classroom it’s music that rings.
Where play and creation are par for the course
And drawing and painting are one constant source
Of enjoyment for everyone, the tall and the short,
Just like designing and making, and PE and sport.

Imagine a school where all want to be,
A place full of joy for you and for me.
Imagine a school that meets everyone’s needs.

You don’t have to imagine…

…We Are The Meads.