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Our School Day

The School Day

School Opens 8:40am

Formal Start Time 8:50am

Playtime Arrangements 15 minute break for all KS1 and KS2 pupils

Lunch Arrangements Minimum 55 minute break for all pupils

End of School 3:30pm

Pupils in the 4+ provision have access to outdoor play throughout
the day and have an extended lunch break.

In a typical week this amounts to 33 hours and 20 minutes.

Gate Opening Times

During drop off and pick up times the main entrance at Sawtry Close will be closed. 

Please use the gates at Calverton Road, Swasedale Walk and Swasedale Road. 

These gates will be open in the morning from 8.40am. Children who are brought into school after 8.50am will need to be taken to the school office and registered as late. 

The gates will be open in the afternoon by 3.30pm. After 3.40pm, children will be taken to the school office. If you arrive late to collect your child, you must collect them from the school office; after 3.45pm the only gate that will be open will be Sawtry Close. 


Classrooms are opened at 8:40am, 10 minutes before the start of the school day. Morning Challenge tasks and activities will take place before registration at 8:50am.

Key Stage 1 parents are asked to bring their child to the classroom which will be open to accept children from 8.40 am. In both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, the following 10 minutes prepare each child to be ready for the start of the school day with a Morning Challenge.  All children should then be in school, on time, ready for registration at 8.50am.

We like to encourage the children to take responsibility for their bags, lunchboxes and books. Please help to develop this independence.

The school grounds are out of bounds to all children and adults out of school hours, and entry to school should always be through the main entrance, which is open throughout the day, but closes between 8:30am and 9:00am, and between 3:15pm and 3:45pm, in order to avoid parking congestion in Sawtry Close.