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On 10th July 2018, the school received a visit from Her Majesty's OFSTED Inspector.  The inspection lasted one day and the letter from the inspector is now available by following the link below.  I am very pleased to announce that the school remains 'Good'.  The inspector reported that...

- '...commitment to a 'values-based education is having a positive impact on the way pupils behave and learn.  Modelled well by adults, there is mutual respect throughout the school.'

- 'Pupils in lessons are engaged and enthusiastic about their learning; they do not give up easily, have a love of learning... are ambitious and... value their time at The Meads.'

- 'You have made good progress in resolving the areas for improvement outlined in the previous inspection report.  This is most notably the case in the deployment of your teaching assistants.  You have invested in their development with high quality training so that they are more confident in supporting pupils in readiness for their learning.'

- 'In response to the previous inspection's findings, you have successfully raised standards in the quality of teaching and learning in writing... and your actions have led to significant improvements in pupils' achievements in reading.'

- '...good work to improve the progress of disadvantaged pupils has continued since the last inspection.  Disadvantaged pupils at the end of both key stages attained at or above the expected standard... Disadvantaged pupils in Year 6 made progress in line with other pupils nationally in reading and writing and made progress significantly above that of other pupils nationally in mathematics.'

- 'Your exciting curriculum develops pupils' learning and deepens their understanding of the world around them, while exemplifying the school's core values... Carefully planned lessons extend and develop pupils' thinking.'


You can read the entire report here, and our previous OFSTED reports can be found here.