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🎶🌟 Introducing "The Beat of Justice" by our very own musical prodigy, Logan from Year 3 Finches! 🌟🎶

🎵 Listen closely as Logan takes us on a musical journey filled with passion, enthusiasm, and an unwavering determination! 🚀🔥

🎶🌟 Shoutout to Siaana from Woodpeckers Class! 🦜✨

👏 Siaana, your creativity and determination in the world of music are truly remarkable. 🎵💖 "Pop in the World" is a testament to your incredible talent! 🌍🎤 Let's celebrate Siaana's musical brilliance together! 🎉🎹



Ricardo in Badgers class has created an amazing piece of digital music called "Extanza 5" embodying the values of concentration and determination. He is very proud of his work and I encourage you to listen to it! Well done Ricardo.




🎉🐰 Callie's "Rabbit Rescue" Stop Motion Animation 🎥🌟

A round of applause for Callie in Sparrows Class! 🌟 Her incredible stop motion animation, "Rabbit Rescue," has left us amazed! 🐇💕

With great confidence and determination, Callie brought this heartwarming story to life, showcasing her remarkable talent! 🎨✨ Let's show her some love and support for her creative achievement! 💌🎊

🌋🎥 Exciting News! Introducing "Dead End," an incredible stop motion animation by Aiden and Noah! 🎥🌋

Imagination and teamwork unite in this thrilling adventure! Witness a volcanic eruption and a havoc-wreaking monster as you embark on this mesmerising journey.


Join us in celebrating these young filmmakers' creativity and passion! Share the magic of "Dead End" with friends and family.





🎬 Check out this amazing stop animation by Siaana in Year 4! 🐉🎥 🌟 Witness the incredible creativity and concentration as Siaana takes us on an adventure with a dragon stuck in the mud. With each frame carefully crafted, this stop animation is truly mesmerising! 🎨💪 👏 Let's celebrate Siaana's talent by watching her dragon's adventure!



🎉🎥 Calling all animation enthusiasts! 🌟 Imogen in Year 6, has created an incredible stop motion animation. 🐑🎬 Imogen's hard work, determination, and creativity shine through in this charming story of a naughty sheep's escape. We are bursting with pride! 🌟💪 Watch the full animation here. Join us in celebrating Imogen's achievement! 🍿🎨


We are thrilled to present our latest stop animation masterpiece produced by Isaac and Ainsley: 'Action Heroes Unleashed!' 

This action-packed movie is a testament to their teamwork, patience and dedication. We couldn't be prouder! Well done boys!



I wanted to share with you all this amazing animation created by Josh and Jasper. It's a story about the adventures of Doughnutman and his dog in an exciting chase. 🐶🍩

I was blown away by the attention to detail and creativity that went into making this animation. It was so much fun to watch, and I can tell that Josh and Jasper put a lot of hard work into it.

What I admired most about this animation is the patience and determination that Josh and Jasper showed while making it. They never gave up and kept working until they achieved their vision. 




Check out this amazing stop animation video by Mure that shows insects having fun and playing! It's heartwarming to see these tiny creatures enjoying themselves in their own little world. Take a few minutes to watch and let us know what you think! 🐞🐛



Exciting news! Aiden and Noah in Year 6 have just released their first collaborative piece of music, and it's a dynamic masterpiece! They loved creating music together for the first time and are incredibly proud of their work. Take a listen and see for yourself!



Introducing the latest creation from our very own Freddie in Year 6! He put a lot of time and attention into crafting this piece, and we couldn't be more proud of the result. Take a listen and let us know what you think!



Aiden and Noah have worked on this Lego animation together, developing their collaborative working skills. We hope you enjoy their creative and sophisticated camera work. 



Freddie's latest animation shows his incredible understanding of structures and engineering. He not only has a real talent for construction but also has a great imagination. 



Tyrell and Nael have worked really well together to portray the value of teamwork in this football animation.  It is clear from the work they have produced that both boys not only have a passion for the sport but have enjoyed demonstrating this in their film.  



Florin and Rex have worked hard together to create this exciting chase sequence animation. They are really proud of their work. 

We hope you enjoy watching it.

Patrick and Joshua have created a really original and creative piece of work despite quite a short period of time in which to complete it. We would have loved to see what they might have produced with more time and wish them the best of luck as they leave us for high school.

Well done and good luck.



William has produced another wonderful piece of music. The engagement and excitement William shows whilst producing his work is infectious. We feel this is reflected in his music and hope you get as much enjoyment listening to it as William did creating it. Another fabulous piece of work William - well done.


Aiden and Noah have worked together to make an incredibly creative animation. This is their first collaboration and they worked together brilliantly. We hope you enjoy the alien football match - keep an eye out for Iron Man. Well done Aidan and Noah.

Tyrell has made a fantastic stop motion animation with a zombie theme. The characters have a really unique artistic style.  Tyrell has shown creative style and flair in both his animation work and his music. 

We hope you enjoy this animation. 

After several months of hard work Brodie has completed this amazing animation. Brodie has carefully planned and produced this short film entirely from his own imagination. Look out for the twist at the end. 

Well done Brodie. 




Mure has sequenced an amazing piece of music. He has an extraordinary talent for music and true dedication to his work. He has spent a great deal of time experimenting with sounds to create something exceptional.

We hope you enjoy listening to it.



Freddy's fascination with motor sports and interest in drag racing  inspired him to make his own unique animation featuring various races and it concludes with an exciting finish which you'll have to watch yourself to see.




William has produced an uncompromised sci-fi movie using Lego animation. He was very clear in his ideas of how he wanted to produce the piece of work.. His determination prevailed and he accomplished what he set out to achieve. We hope you enjoy watching it.




Here is another amazing piece of music from Alex. This time Alex has worked completely independently on a solo project.  Well done, Alex.

We hope you enjoy listening to it. 


Alex and Azaan have created a unique piece of work about an alien football match using plasticine stop motion. They have demonstrated the values of creativity, determination and collaboration. 

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as they enjoyed making it.

Isian has made an incredible piece of music. He has taken his time and given a lot of thought to how the sounds could be put together. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we have, and as much as Isian has enjoyed producing it. 

Tyrell has continued to demonstrate a real talent for producing music. He has shown a great musical ear and has the ability to sequence music with a focus on quality over quantity. He is able to choose every sound with care and consideration.  Tyrell has grown in confidence and is able to work autonomously with great maturity.



Kiarna has worked hard over several months to complete this intricate piece of work. Even the backdrops were created by Kiarna. She has an amazing imagination which is evident from this story. Sit back and enjoy this magical adventure. Well done Kiarna. 


After making an amazing animation with modelling clay, Kamran has further developed his skills and has now made this great piece of work with Lego. He has created this movie about racing cars - you'll never guess who wins!

Tyrell has created this amazing piece having found a real passion for producing digital music. We are so impressed by his work. We hope you enjoy it too. 

Two of our children have worked collaboratively to create this amazing animation using Lego to tell their story. The attention to detail they have shown is truly amazing. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as they enjoyed creating it. Well done.

William has worked really hard, sustaining his focus and concentration to create this amazingly creative story. He is very excited about sharing it with you all.


Freddie has worked hard for some time to produce this astounding piece of music. He started with an amazing groove and even from such a high starting point has managed to improve the work further. He has demonstrated the values of determination, creativity and perseverance. Great work Freddie.

Aiden has spent many hours creating this wacky montage that he has appropriately named 'Crazy Carnage'. Aiden is responsible for all of the planning, design and creativity.  We hope you enjoy watching it as much as Aiden has enjoyed creating it. 



We hope you enjoy this amazing animation which was designed, created and produced by Honey. A lot of hard work and creativity went in to producing this film. The animation, which is titled, 'The Right Way Round' is truly unique. Well done Honey.



William has created this amazing piece of sequenced digital music. This is an especially astounding achievement for a pupil of his age. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we have. Well done William - amazing work.



Aliyaan has been expressing himself making digital music. He has created some amazing work and we hope you enjoy listening to it. Good luck at high school.



Joshua has worked extremely hard for a considerable amount of time to create this fairground ride which is a marvel of engineering . Please watch this video to see it in action - it's truly amazing. We are really going to miss you Joshua. Good luck in high school. 



Nick has previously produced some amazing pieces of electronic music but has recently tried his hand at animation. His work was based on the classic story line of a superhero saving the day and a villain being defeated. This is the last piece of work Nick will produce with us and we hope he has a wonderful time in high school.

Great work Nick. We'll miss you.


Layla and Olivia have been working hard on producing an incredibly creative animation incorporating TikTok, monsters and computer games. This montage demonstrates the girls' vivid and creative imaginations.

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as Layla and Olivia enjoyed creating it.



After several months of dedication and perseverance Freddy has completed this amazing animation. He carefully researched and planned his story to enable him to create such a high quality piece of work. Freddy is very proud of this, as are we and we couldn't wait to share it with you.

We hope you enjoy watching this animation as much as Freddy enjoyed creating it.




Aliyaan had to restart his project because of the school lockdown closure and although many people would have found this frustrating, he showed maturity and resilience. He has demonstrated enormous patience and perseverance in completing this work and is extremely proud of his achievements, as are we. We have been looking forward to sharing it with you - enjoy!




 Alex and Azaan have been working really hard together using the Korg app to create a unique and individual piece of music with a stonking base line!

They have worked exceptionally well as a team. It isn't easy to compose music with someone else but their skill at working collaboratively has produced a truly amazing piece.



Kamran from Finches class has been working really hard on his animation. He has demonstrated the values of creativity, determination and patience as well as extraordinary levels of concentration.   We hope you enjoy watching the animation as much as Kamran enjoyed working on it. 

Well done Kamran!




It looks like we have another potential music producer of the future at The Meads. Nick in Year 6 is using the Korg gadget app to make music. Every note played is chosen individually to be sequenced as part of the track.  Not only is his work to an incredibly high standard but he is also so skilled he is able to produce quality tracks in a short period of time.  




Aiden from Robins class has made another amazing video that he has called "Final Night"



Mckenzie (Kestrels Class) has made another great animation, "Lesson for mummy bears and baby bears".



Sarrah (Kestrels) class has made an amazing looped animation.



Aiden (Robins Class)- "Death Express"



Mckenzie (Kestrels) - "The Adventure Story"

Honey (Kestrels) - "The Birthday Disaster"

Donnie (Foxes) - "The Greatest Battle"

Lilly (Kestrels) - "The Princess and the Frog"

Tana (Sparrows) - "The Haunted Toy Factory"


Ava (Finches) - "The Mischievous Kids"

Addison (Buzzards) - "The Ghost Police Chase"



Kevin (Kestrels) - "Diamond Heist"

Joshua (Otters) - "Fantastic Launch"

Keaton (Woodpeckers) - "The Big Bang"