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GSO Test

Meet Our Staff

Our school operates as a team and we wish to welcome pupils and parents to join our team in making The Meads Primary School the best provider of education that it can possibly be.


Mr R. Jenkins (Headteacher)

Mr P. Warren (Deputy Headteacher)

Mrs C. Glantz (Assistant Headteacher)

HLTA's / Cover Supervisors

Mrs M. Torpey
Mrs L. Underwood
Mr P. Saunders
Mrs L. Fludgate
Miss H. Williams


Cygnets: Mrs K. Titmas (EY+Y1 Leader)

Ducklings: Miss M. Holyhead

Goslings: Mrs A. Moran

Mrs S. Draper (EYE)
Mrs C. Bates (EYE)

Mrs J. Lake (EYE)


Ladybirds: Mrs S. Rajput 

Dragonflies: Miss J. Liddie


Rabbits: Mrs A. Choudhury

Hedgehogs: Miss H. Copas (Y2 Leader)

Squirrels: Miss M. Ring


Sparrows: Miss E. McLaughlin

Robins: Miss O. Joseph

Finches: Miss E. Wells (Y3 Leader)


Badgers: Mrs O. Adebola (Y4 Leader)

Foxes: Mr I. Yousuf

Otters: Mr M. Sheppard


Kingfishers: Mr R. Haslem (Y5 Leader)

Woodpeckers: Miss S. Jenkins

Nightingales: Mrs L. Nias


Kestrels: Miss J. Galston (Y6 Leader)

Buzzards: Mrs D. Gustard-Brown

Kites: Mr S. Rahman

Inclusion / SENCo

Mrs J. Mills

Mrs Z. Kralka

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A. Palmer
Miss H. Brookes
Mrs. H. Cox
Miss S. Daniel
Miss K. Castle
Mrs M. McConnell
Mrs A. Nakum
Mrs R. Patel
Mrs V. Rafferty
Miss D. Ramsey
Miss N. Sheppard
Mr A. McLoughlin
Mrs I. Pavel
Ms R. Uzzell


Mrs J. Ahmed
Miss A. Begum
Mrs D. Carnegie
Miss M. Ford
Mr C. McDonnell
Mrs S. Moodie

 Mrs A. Khanom

Pupil Premium Team

Mrs L. Andrews (HLTA)

Miss E. Balogh (HLTA)

Mrs P. Carvell (HLTA)

Premises Staff

Mr M. Nutt (Site Manager)
Mr P. Daly (Site Agent)
Mrs P. Randa 
Mrs D. Daly
Miss Y. Akhtar
Miss C. Duffy


Family Workers

Mrs S. Downey

Mr T. Khan

Support Staff

Mrs K. Daniel (Welfare Assistant)

Mr J. Bateman (Music & Multimedia)

Mr D. Cousins (IT Manager)

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Y. Akhtar 
Mrs T. Bashir
Mrs R. Bibi
Mrs R. Begum
Mrs A. Saddiqa
Mrs C. Daubeney
Miss A. Mitchell
Miss M. Ford
Mrs F. Meerasa
Mrs S. Moodie
Mrs F. Afridi
Mr L. Morgan

Admin Staff


Mrs S. Dearden (Office Manager)

Miss S. Aird (Admin Assistant)

Mrs T. Norman (Admin Assistant)


Miss V. Ansell (School Business Manager)

Miss W. Cullen (Finance Assistant & HR)