Pupil Premium

The Meads Primary School - Strategic Plan for PPG: 2018/2019
Please click this link to see the PPG Strategic Plan for 2018/2019
Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received

 2018/2019 Pupil Premium Funding

  Amount Number of pupils
Pupil Premium £212,520 161
Post LAC £2,300 1
Service £300 1
LAC £4,800 5
Total £219,920 168
Impact Data

Pupil Premium KS2 Results 2018

Year 6 SATS results
Reading Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Mathematics
All PPG (22) PPG at test level (21) All PPG (22) PPG at test level (21) All PPG (22) PPG at test level (21)
National Average 100+ 75% 75% 78% 78% 76% 76%
National SS Average 105 105 106 106 104 104
PP 100+ 90.90% 95.23% 83.36% 90.47% 86.36% 86.36%
PP 110+ 31.81% 33.33% 40.90% 42.85% 18.18% 18.18%
PP SS Average 106.64   107.73   105.95  
  All Non PPG (37) Non PPG at test level (34) All Non PPG (37) Non PPG at test level (34) All Non PPG (37) Non PPG at test level (34)
Non-PP 100+ 62.16% 67.64% 72.97% 79.41% 72.97% 79.41%
Non-PP 110+ 21.62% 23.53% 35.13% 38.23% 27.03% 29.41%
Non-PP SS Average 102.5   105.35   103.79  
Difference PPG - NPPG 100+ 28% 11% 7%
Difference PPG - NPPG 110+ 10% 5% -11%

R.W.M Pupil Premium Results 2018

Year 6 SAT Results - 2017/18 R, W, M
  All PPG (22) PPG at test level (21)
 National Average 100+ 64%  
PPG 100+/EXS+ 77% 81%
PPG 110+/GDS 5% 5%
  All Non PPG (37) Non PPG at test level (34)
Non-PPG 100+/EXS+ 62% 68%
Non-PPG 110+/GDS 2% 3%
  Year 6 (59) Year 6 at test level (55)
Year 6 100+/EXS+ 68% 73%
Year 6 110+/GDS 3% 4%
Difference 110+/GDS 2% 1%

Pupil Premium Results 2017

Year 6 SAT results – 2016/17  Reading  Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling  Mathematics 
All PPG (43) PPG at test level (41) All PPG (43) PPG at test level (41) All PPG (43) PPG at test level (42)
National Average 100+ 72% 72% 77% 77% 75% 75%
National SS Average 104 104 106 106 104 104
PP 100+ 58% 61% 60% 63% 77% 79%
PP SS Average 102 102 104 104 105 105
  All Non PPG Non PPG at test level All Non PPG Non PPG at test level All Non PPG Non PPG at test level
Non-PP 100+ 49% 55% 68% 76% 66% 74%
Non-PP SS Average 101 101 106 106 103 103
PP achieving target or better 47% 49% - - 77% 79%
Non-PP achieving target or better 40% 45% - - 60% 67%
Difference PP NPP 6%  -13%  5% 


  Reading, Writing, Maths  Reading  Writing  Maths 
  Expected + High Expected + High Expected + High Expected + High
PPG 63% 11% 63% 21% 76% 16% 79% 24%
Non-PPG 40% 6% 46% 13% 65% 19% 67% 17%

Measuring the impact of PPG spending

The school’s evaluation of its own performance is rigorous. Tracking of progress over time for each pupil is thorough, and so we can quickly identify any dips and develop sensible strategies and interventions to promote improvement.

• A wide range of data is used – achievement data, pupils’ work, observations, learning walks, case studies, and staff, parent and pupil voice
• Assessment Data is collected half-termly/termly so that the impact of interventions can be monitored regularly
• Assessments are closely moderated to ensure they are accurate
• Teaching staff and support staff attend and contribute to pupil progress meetings each term and the identification of children is reviewed
• Regular feedback about performance is given to children and parents
• Interventions are adapted or changed if they are not working
• A designated member of the SLT maintains an overview of pupil premium spending
• A governor works closely with the pupil premium team

We will use Raise Online, KS2 KS1, Phonics, EYFS as well as whole school data (using Classroom Monitor) to evaluate impact in terms of attainment and progress.

The school evaluated the impact on each pupil at the end of the summer term. Evaluation focused on academic gains and how pupils' self-confidence and well-being developed as a consequence of the intervention/support, as well as their engagement with wider school life.  Progress in literacy and mathematics for those year 6 pupils benefiting from the 'Achievement for All' and 'Assertive Mentoring' programmes in particular was outstanding overall.  Across the school, all pupils made progress and participation in the wider life of the school increased, as measured through attendance at after school clubs and events; this support will form part of next year's provision.

ALL teaching staff and support staff are involved in analysis of data and identification of pupils and are aware of who pupil premium and vulnerable children are. ALL pupil premium children benefit from the funding, not just those who are underperforming with underachievement at all levels being targeted (not just lower attaining pupils).


Head's welcome

RichardDear Parents:

On behalf of the staff, the School Governors and the Local Authority, may I take this opportunity to welcome you and your children to The Meads Primary School.

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